Empty Chairs

Today is just another day
Grab my smoothie and backpack
Walk three blocks to school

But I won’t go, not today
Cause I can’t bear to see
Empty chairs
in front of me

Lena with her honey blonde hair
that extra-long curl down her back
that I’d reach forward and pick
“Oh stop, it tickles!”
How can I go again to see
her empty chair in front of me?

Gretel – oh that wiz
on the soccer field!
That one shot that made school history.
One kick
Clear one end of the field to the other

Drew, don’t forget
We’ve got to finish
that history project in two weeks.
I picked his name as my team mate.

No Drew to ask
No, only just an empty chair
Awaits me.

No I can’t go
Not today
There are no more tears to shed,
And no more words to say
Just empty chairs await us

Try to live in our shoes
for one day.
You foolish ones afraid
Of what they’ll say to you.
Phooey they won’t give you money!
Just come with me today
to my school with me,
and see
those empty chairs
in front of me.