A Perfect Day


Today was a perfect day.  Those of you who know me, might know that I do not like to use the P word. I have been known to say only God is perfect. True enough. Then I was just fortunate enough to have been given a perfect day.

In what way, you ask?  Firstly the weather was perfect- highs in the low 80s, lows in the 60s.  No wind. Less humidity. What more can one ask for in August?

Then, there was absolutely nothing I needed to do. No agenda. At all.

We got back from our east coast trip on Tuesday and ofcourse there has been so much to do.  The next four days were a flurry of activity.  It culminated in that stormy Friday with me having the mother of all migraines.  But this morning I woke up truly well- rested and checked my to-do list. Laundry? Completed, folded and put  away.  Grocery shopping? All done. Yes I did get the cleaning ladies to come on Saturday – so house cleaning, check. All mail had been taken care of. No emails to send.   Talked to all family members. Whew.

The vacation was wonderful – we met friends and family, spent quality time with them. We also did some sight- seeing – viewed Lady Liberty up close. Stood in a great big hall on Ellis Island where we understand over 12 million immigrants came through to enter this country. Attended a week-long spiritual camp. All very enjoyable and rejuvenating.  But no pain-free days yet.

So we come now to today – A Sunday, with nothing to do. It got me thinking – when I was young, having a Sunday with nothing to do was the most boring thing imaginable. Now, not having anything to do is my idea of bliss. How amazing indeed!

But the best part of all – I had no pain. The first day in forever – well since the accident, that I had no pain.  After getting back, all the doctors seem to tell me the same thing – that I am not back to baseline.  My body still is not where it was before the accident. I need another month of treatment – not an exciting prospect.

So how did the garden do in the past three weeks? I entrusted it to Mother Nature and John (our handyman) and both did their part. It appears that it was not too scorching while I was away. And it rained just enough. John took care of the mowing and pruning – so all looks very well. A couple of container plants did not survive. But the vegetables look healthy – and the first tomatoes red and juicy and ready to harvest  which I did,–along with some chilli and banana peppers. And the perennials and annuals planted just before leaving all survived.

So what did I do with my perfect day? A little cleaning, a little cooking. I read a book and took a nap.  I was able to spend two hours in the yard, pulling up two wheelbarrows full of weeds, tossed into the burn pile, and mulched two beds. I was a little stiff after that but still no pain.

I hope I am not about to jinx it. But still it’s a good place to be. I  got here not without a lot of help – a lot of work goes into this business of healing. Also not without the thoughts and prayers and best wishes of so many people. I thank you all for that.

I ended the day, watching a little Olympics action. And taking to my lovely daughter-in-law.

Then I typed this blog post.

A perfect day indeed.  Now all I have to do is multiply this day by 364.


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